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We measure the best time

We offer a wide selection of women’s and men’s watches of various types: mechanical, quartz, electronic mid- or high-priced, as well as master and exclusive models. We offer timers, both manufactured for decades, and completely new ones – but always of the top proven quality and well-known brands.

We cooperate with the best watch-making workshops in the whole country. Thanks to this we know what should be paid attention to when choosing a timer, how to care for it, what to avoid so that it is always fine and efficient.

For the watches purchased from us we issue margin invoices, which are both a confirmation of the purchase (warranty basis) as well as the authenticity and efficiency of the product sold. Upon the customer’s request, an authenticity certificate issued by an independent expert is added to the purchase.

We provide a 6-month warranty on our watches.

Shopping in our e-shop is easy thanks to the intuitive programme that suggests the next steps. We implement the transaction immediately after receiving the payment on our account.

An option of sending the purchased watch as a gift is offered to regular customers.

Persons interested in buying the most exclusive models are encouraged to arrange a presentation with us.

Please be reminded that making a purchase in the e-shop is tantamount to the declaration of becoming familiar with its regulations.

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World of watches

Why is sapphire glass used in expensive watches? Which suits better to the sports model, a bracelet or an alligator leather strap? Does every mechanical watch require daily winding? And which brands are the most prestigious? Answers to these and other questions can be found in our ABC of watches.