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Value that does not pass

The first watches were certainly handmade, unique and very expensive. Then, they became common everyday good. Today, other gadgets perform their timing function. But the function of decorating, emphasising the material status, adding prestige will not be fulfilled so well by anything else as by a fine, properly selected, exclusive watch. Hand-made, with resistant glass, in a stylish case, watches are associated with good taste and high status. They are valued jewellery and accessory that replaces sophisticated outfits. And it can work almost forever.

Before establishing the watch shop, we had spent a lot of our time on our hobby – timers. We develop them by sharing knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts, members of the Watch Lovers Club. And we are constantly expanding our offer to provide you with the widest selection.
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Making a choice

What should you know about watches before choosing the right one? There are several such things. The information about them can be found in our ABC, and when it is not enough – we advise directly, answering questions and clarifying doubts. However, we always suggest a mechanical hand-made timer with sapphire glass and a resistant fine case. The one that pleases the eye not only today but also tomorrow, and will also work “the day after tomorrow”.

With precision and passion

In order for the watch to measure time accurately and be valuable at the same time, a lot of time must be devoted to it at the manufacturing stage and a moment a day (or even less frequently) during use. That is why a good timer is not “for everyone”. Its price includes: unusual workmanship, top-quality components ensuring durability and reliability. After the purchase, the love of designers and manufacturers must be reciprocated for the selected timer.

They will measure good time